civiltà nuragica

Orroli: dal 20 al 22 Settembre arriva il Festival della Civiltà Nuragica

Fra gli eventi da non perdere nel mese di settembre in Sardegna vi è il Festival Internazionale della Civiltà Nuragica di Orroli, giunto alla sua III Edizione. Si svolgerà dal 20 al 22 settembre nel Comune che ospita il celebre Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli, la cui scoperta è trattata nel libro…

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orosei gulf sardinia

Sardinia in autumn, weather and things to visit in September and October

To me, autumn and spring have always been the best seasons to visit Sardinia. They are carachterized by very good weather (not all years if i have to be honest), beaches are not crowded and you can find FANTASTIC EVENTS on calendar, such as Autumn in Barbagia. READY TO SPENT…

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breakfast Da Zietto Dorgali Cala Gonone

B&B in Cala Gonone Dorgali, why Da Zietto is my favourite

Are you looking for a b&b in Cala Gonone, may be in the centre of Dorgali, at a VERY GOOD PRICE? May be IS THE FIRST TIME YOU VISIT THIS AREA and you also need more infos about what to visit around. “DA ZIETTO Bed & Breakfast” has been MY…

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rain on sardinia travel tips

Sardinia, things to do if it’s raining

The scent of sweet rain falling on sardinian nature. All the colors become intense and everything is so beauty and… “Naaa! I came to Sardinia to enjoy the sun and swimm!” – I know you’re thinking that. So let’s see which are THE BEST THINGS TO DO in Sardinia if…

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sardinia coast

September in Sardinia: the best time to visit the island

Why september is the best time to visit Sardinia? Considering the heat of july and august, and the thousands of people (i said thousands!) that choose to reach the island in these months, it could not be otherwise. Sardinia in september is a real paradise thanks to a pleasant temperature…

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Visit Bidderosa Beach in Orosei, infos about tickets and bookings

Here i am again guys! Today we visit together Bidderosa Beach in Orosei: the most beautiful and wild beach on Sardinia East Coast! 1,593 Visite totali, 25 visite odierne Please follow and like us:

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beautiful bedrooms in alghero

Alghero Centre B&B “La Mia Isola”, DIVE INTO THE BLUE

” Just one night, give me just one night” sais Ewan McGregor to Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, my favourite movie! And one beautiful night i spent to “La Mia Isola” B&B, in Alghero city centre:) READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE Hotels on the road?? Let’s GO!!!! 1,675 Visite totali, nessuna visita…

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best b&b in Orroli


In Orroli, a little village in East Central Sardinia better known as “the land of lakes”, for the presence of majestic Lake Mulargia, and Flumendosa, i discovered a charming b&b. Its name is Sa Pardina and i spent there 3 wonderful nights. 4,443 Visite totali, nessuna visita odierna Please follow and…

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tent in front of a beach in Sardinia

Sardinia Campsites On The Beach: The Best Camping Site

Why did i decide to dedicate this blog post to Sardinia best campsites on the beach? First of all because i am a traveller. Second, because i am a traveller who lives in Sardinia. Third, finally, because i am traveller, i live in Sardinia and i love camping sites. What…

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locandina evento yoga in Sardegna

Eventi Yoga in Sardegna: nella natura pura del Gennargentu

Voglia di natura incontaminata e di benessere allo stato puro? Fra i migliori eventi Yoga in Sardegna, il 12 Maggio 2019, sulle panoramiche terrazze del PARC, con le cime del Gennargentu su un lato e la grande Giara sull’altro versante, ci aspetta una giornata dedicata al relax, alla meditazione e…

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