Sardinia, things to do if it’s raining

The scent of sweet rain falling on sardinian nature.

All the colors become intense and everything is so beauty and…

“Naaa! I came to Sardinia to enjoy the sun and swimm!” – I know you’re thinking that.

So let’s see which are THE BEST THINGS TO DO in Sardinia if it’s raining!


cala mariolu sardinia
Cala Mariolu, Sardinia (was not a sunny day!)

The scent of sweet rain falling on sardinian nature. All the colors become intense and everything is so beauty and… “Naaa! I came in Sardinia to enjoy the sun and swimm!”

I know you’re thinking that.

Was my same thought when i came for the first time on holiday in this fantastic island.

I was with my tent in a campsite and i decided to sleep or to relax hearing the sound of rain,to read something, i dont know.

campsite orosei
Me and my tent in Cala Ginepro camping, Orosei, Sardinia

If i could turn back time, probably i’d have choosen to do the same activities, since i love the atmosphere of bad weather in Sardinia, you know?

I am a writer, so i become more inspired. Or, knowing better the island as now, i’d have choosen to make other things.

I know YOU’RE IMPATIENT TO KNOW what i am talking about, so let me explain.

Dear tourist, Sardinia is not only her coasts, and not only her turquoise sea, so there are A LOT (a lot!) OF THINGS YOU CAN DO in case of rain:)


sandalia racconta sardinia travel tips
Me in a sardinian farm playing with a sweet dog:)

A day of bad weather, for example, can be a good excuse to try sardinian food in a farm!

In italian we call it “agriturismo” or “agriturismi”, at plural.

They are wonderful country houses in which you can taste home made pasta, home made sweets (seadas are my favourite:

fried, whit cheese inside and honey on the top!) and home made wines, such as Cannonau, the red one, and Vermetino, the white one.

You are not hungry? What a shame… to eat in sardinian farms is really one of the best experience you can do on a rainy day!


sardinia sunrises on houses
Suggestive sunrise on a village in Sardinia

Under the rain, sardinian ancient towns are so fascinating.

I am talking about San Pantaleo, near Olbia and Costa Smeralda, about Posada, with her Castle, close to Siniscola.

I can tell you more. No matter where you are spending your holiday in Sardinia, there is always around the corner a nice historic village to visit.

To know more you and discover the nearest to your destination you can

CONTACT ME and read the article published on Sardinia Turismo about The Authentic life of sardinian villages.

May be you don’t care about history? Do you prefer museums?


traditional sardinian dresses at Nuoro Folk Museum
Nuoro, Sardinia, Museum of Folk, photo by official Museum website

If you are spending your holiday near Nuoro and is raining, don’t miss the Musem of Life and Folk traditions of Sardinia, where you can admire a lot of traditional dresses and handicraft beauties.

In the city of Cagliari there is nothing better to visit the National Archaeological Museum, but also monuments like Santa Maria Cathedral, built in baroque and pisan style.

The best thing of Sardinia is that you can find little interesting museums everywhere, also in internal areas.

Once, for example, i visited the Museum of the witches in Seui, full of evidence dating back to Middle Age!

To know the nearest museum to your destination just CONTACT ME and I WILL HELP YOU to find it!


sandàlia racconta sardinia travel tips
Me on a boat in Sardinia

Did you see?

There are such a lot of thing to do in Sardinia if it’s raining, so don’t be discouraged if the rain comes down.

In alternative, you can always choose to relax like me in a tent in one of the best camp sites on the on the beach of Sardinia.

In case of storm you can contact me and SLEEP IN MY CONFORTABLE BED & BREAKFAST!

portobello b&b sardinia
Portobello B&B