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BENVENUTO! Sono Eleonora D'Angelo, giornalista, story teller e web content editor SEO di Roma. Vivo in Sardegna, Terra meravigliosa a cui è dedicato il mio Blog Sandàlia Racconta, seguito da migliaia di utenti italiani e internazionali. Del Blog fanno parte anche le sezioni del sito Sardinia Travel Tips; HotelsOnTheRoad e Storie Popolari Sarde... BUONA LETTURA!


Welcome to Hotels On The Road Section!

I visit the most of Sardinia for reasons connect with my job. I am a travel journalist and blogger and i love to describe all the places i visit, hotels and bed&breakfast included.

In this section called “Hotel On The Road” you will find usufull ideas for you holiday in Sardinia.

Let’s discover my favourite accomodations!

I would like to tell you that i love modern design, but is not the truth. I love charming houses full of history and warm
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If you are looking for a b&b near Poetto beach, in Cagliari, you're in the right place! In this article i will tell you about
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Looking for the best 5 stars hotel in Alghero, Sardinia, after comparing hotel images and opinions of other guests, i really have had no doubt
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During my last trip in Sardinia West Coast i visited Gonnesa town, close to Iglesias and to the beautiful coast of Sulcis. I slept two
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Are you looking for a b&b in Cala Gonone, may be in the centre of Dorgali, at a VERY GOOD PRICE? May be IS THE
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" Just one night, give me just one night" sais Ewan McGregor to Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, my favourite movie! And one beautiful night
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In Orroli, a little village in East Central Sardinia better known as “the land of lakes”, for the presence of majestic Lake Mulargia, and Flumendosa,
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L'Antico Borgo, Galtellì A full Immersion in Sardinian Culture ... [caption id="attachment_819" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Hotel Antico Borgo Galtellì[/caption] I found this beautiful little hotel on
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