Sardinia Campsites On The Beach: The Best Camping Site

Why did i decide to dedicate this blog post to Sardinia best campsites on the beach?

First of all because i am a traveller. Second, because i am a traveller who lives in Sardinia. Third, finally, because i am traveller, i live in Sardinia and i love camping sites.

What could be better than sleeping in a tent, under the stars, in a camper van or mobile home surrounded by Nature?

I have 3/4 favourite campsites in Sardinia: let’s discover together why they could be your best choice.


Sardinia Best Campsites On The Beach: Sleeping Under the Stars, Living a Dream …

cala liberotto beach
Cala Liberotto, Orosei, Sardinia. Photo by Sardegna Turismo

I really love campsites. If possible, from spring to autumn, when i need to stop in different areas of Sardinia for business reasons, i always book a nice camper van with kitchen, a mobile home or a tent in a camping site on the coast.

I choose the one that suits my needs, which is ideally located near the beach (in front of the beach, possibly), but also close to the most beautiful cities and attractions.

villaggio nurral campsite in alghero
Villaggio Nurral, Alghero, Sardinia. Photo by

In this blog post you will find a selection of Sardinia best campsites on the beach, personally tested, and i will tell you something about my experience.

Finally, with the help of some reviews from, you can have a complete picture and make your choice.

Campsites on the East Coast of Sardinia

cala ginepro campsite in orosei
Camping Cala Ginepro, Orosei. Sardinia. Photo by

 Camping site in Orosei, Cala Gonone

cala gonone coast sardinia
Cala Gonone, Sardinia. Photo by

I will start with a campsite very close to the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, strategically located on the East Coast.

Is Cala Ginepro Camping, overlooking the sea and Cala Ginepro beach.

I spent several summers to Cala Ginepro Camping and i love it because from there, on foot, you can reach Bidderosa and Berchida beaches (i left a piece of my heart in those places…).

berchida beach
Berchida beach, Siniscola, Sardinia.

To Cala Ginepro Camping you can camp in a tent or book a bungalow, but is also ideal for RV’ing with their own camper van. Here the atmosphere is magic.

tent at cala ginepro camping in orosei
My tent at Cala Ginepro Camping, Orosei

This beachfront camping site is surrounded by a forest of maritime pines, where the sound of the waves and the scent of the sea come at any time of the day.

Moreover, from Cala Ginepro is easly reachable Cala Gonone (read my article about Cala Gonone boat tour and accomodations). There is a restaurant, a bar, free Wi-Fi and the bathrooms are large, clean and well placed.

a girl cooking in a campsite in sardinia
Me cooking at Cala Ginepro Camping, Orosei

Camping site in Siniscola

coast of Siniscola
Siniscola beach, Sardinia.

Always on Sardinia East Coast, travelers report among the best beach campsites Villaggio Camping Tesonis Beach, Campeggio Villaggio Sos Flores and Amfibietreks.

I also have been to Amfibetreks, a quite and not expensive camping site near Siniscola. The only flaw of Amfibietreks is the position.

Amfibetreks camping cala pineta
Camping Cala Pineta Amfibetreks, Siniscola, Sardinia. Photo by

This campsite is not in front of the beach, but on a stretch of coast with many rocks.

Camping site in San Teodoro

tent in front of a beach in Sardinia
Me writing at Cala d’Ambra Camping

Camping Cala d’Ambra is my favourite choise when i work near San Teodoro.

This little camping site is in front of the beautiful Cala d’Ambra beach, but if you want to find place you have to go in low season, or to book in low season to go in hight season (july and agoust).

dog in a tent san teodoro campsite
My little Frida at Camping Cala D’Ambra in San Teodoro

Campsites on the West Coast Of Sardinia

image of the old city of Alghero Italy sardinia
Alghero city

Camping site in Alghero

alghero landsacpe from villaggio nurral camping site
Villaggio Nurral, Alghero, Sardinia. Photo by

Let’s talk about Alghero City, and Villaggio Nurral. Villaggio Nurral is a very nice campsite close to the beaches of Alghero and Fertilia.

I have been there last year with Frida, my sweet little dog, and we spent the night in a comfortable bungalow.

bungalows at villaggio nurral campsite alghero
Villaggio Nurral, Alghero, Sardinia. Photo by

Also Villaggio Nurral is a quite and not expensive one, but unluckly is not in front of the beach.

Aniway i suggest this camping site because of its good position and its very hight quality restaurant.

me and my dog in a campsite in Alghero
Me and my dog Frida at Villaggio Nurral, Alghero

Camping site in Oristano and others

is arutas beach
Is Arutas beach, Sardinia. Photo by Sardegna Turismo

On Sardinia West Coast, travelers report among the best beach campsites Is Arenas Village, with a score of 8,6; Camping Bella Sardinia, with a score of 8,1 and Camping Village Laguna Blu, with a score of 7,9.

Campsites on North Coast of Sardinia

palau landscape sardinia
Palau. Sardinia. Photo by Sardegna Turismo.

Camping site in Palau

campsites in palau
Capo d’Orso Camping, Palau, Sardinia. Photo by

To visit Sardinia North Coast, Santa Teresa di Gallura and La Maddalena, you can choose Camping Capo D’Orso (Palau).

I spent there a week in september years ago and it was simply fantastic. It was me and my boyfriend Matteo.

capo d'orso camping site in palau sardinia
Camping Capo d’Orso, Palau, Sardinia. Photo by

We booked a camper van with kitchen and we had such a beautiful times having barbecue under the stars!

Campsites & Windsurfing in Northern Sardinia

sardinia windsurf beaches
Isola dei Gabbiani, Palau, Sardinia. Photo by

For those who loves windsurf and kitesurf i suggest Isola dei Gabbiani Land of Water.

Isola dei Gabbiani Land of Water is located on a headland overlooking Corsica, surrounded by the sea, and from here you can admire a wonderful landscape.

You can go with your tent or book a very nice bungalow. Here, in the early morning, from every corner you can see a breathtaking sunrise.

sunrise from a tent in Sardinia
My tent. Sunrise at Land of Water, Palau, Isola dei Gabbiani

Have you ever heard of Gorropu, the deepest canyon in Europe?

It is located in Sardinia, near one of the most beautiful campsites I have ever been.

To learn more, read my blog post Canyon Gorropu Gorroppu My Personal Trek Expererience!

canyon gorropu in sardinia landsacpe
Me and my boyfriend at Canyon Gorropu